Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all  transactions with DUMET Watches.

When purchasing  any item, you explicitly agree on these these terms & conditions.

1: Prices / VAT / Shipping:

1. Prices:  all prices are in Euros (€)

2. VAT: on new items DUMET Watches must charge you with 21% dutch VAT if an item is shipped to an adress within the European Union (EU).For customers residing outside the EU, no VAT will be added, but any import taxes and/or customs duties are to be borne by the customer.

3. Shipping:  All Items will be shipped after DUMET Watches has received full payment from the customer.

DUMET Watches will supply the customer with a tracking code once the item(s) is/are sent.DUMET Watches cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by customs offices.

4. Pick-up at DUMET Watches:  if the customer resides in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, it is possible to arrange for picking up your item at DUMET WatchesContact DUMET Watches by means of E-mail to make an appointment.

2: Payment: 

1. General: DUMET Watches only accepts pre-payments.

2. Bank / Wire transfer:  Payments can be made by wire transfer.From countries within SEPA, this is free of charge, from countries outside of SEPA, the extra cost is to be borne by the customer.

3. Payment for crowdfunding: Payment for Items purchased in a crowdfunding will be collected by DUMET Watches if the target quantity of sold items is reached.Customers will receive a Payment request for the purchased Items.

3: Cancellations / returns / refunds:

1. Only new DUMET Watches items can be returned, only after receiving the item, and only if the item is not as described.During the shipping process, Items can not be retrieved or cancelled.The Customer is responsible for any additional costs (shipping, customs, bank costs etc.)Once DUMET Watches receives the item in the exact same condition we sent it, the customer is eligible for a refund.

4: Quality: 

1. New DUMET Watches Items are partially made by hand, therefore small differences in finish can occur between copies.Dumet Watches does not cover said differences by warranty, the aim is to provide the best possible product.

5: Delay / warranty:

1. Delay:  DUMET Watches aims to make quality precision products, therefore a lot of time goes in measurements, general control and parts finishing.Should however production be delayed, customers will be notified right away.Delay is never a reason for cancellation or refunding of your purchase.

2. Warranty: In compliance with EU Laws, new DUMET Watches products are protected by a 2 year warranty on factory/engineering faults, starting on the shipping date.

3. Maluse: It is the customers responsibility to use items purchased from DUMET Watches in a proper fashion.Damage caused by maluse is not covered by our warranty.

4. Warranty request: In case of a warranty claim, provide DUMET Watches with a full description of the faults, if possible both in text and in clear detaild images via E-mail within 10 days from the date of delivery.Shipping costs to DUMET Watches are to be borne by the customer, but will be redeemed by DUMET Watches if the warranty claim is acknowledged.Shipping costs to return the item, or a replacement will be borne by DUMET Watches, except any customs, tax or administrative fees.

6: Applicable law and choice of forum:

1. Parties have agreed upon Dutch law as the sole applicable law between them.They will bring all legal arguments between them for the court at Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.